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Most of America is asleep, dreaming of a retirement that will never exist. They are uninformed and unaware that their retirement is at risk. Why? Because most Americans spend more time planning their family vacations than they do their retirement. But it's time for America to wake up. It's time for Americans to face their retirement.


In this book, you will learn:

  • Why cash flow is more important than a nest egg
  • All about pensions and why they went away
  • The ugly truth about social Security, 401(k)s, and inflation
  • How to best Uncle Sam at his own game
  • Why the 4% rule is problematic and my cause you to outlive your money
  • How to potentially multiply your retirement savings without sacrificing your current lifestyle
  • Solutions that can offer potential double-digit growth on your money but experience zero losses, regardless of dips in the market
  • How to implement strategies that large banks, Fortune 500 executives, and the ultra-wealthy use.

And so much more!
Your financial future is at risk...but you can do something about that. You can stay informed, keep your retirement safe, and build the wealth you have always dreamed of. There is never a better time than right now.

© Copyrights by Chad Free LLC. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyrights by Chad Free LLC . All Rights Reserved.

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